Pillars Of Equestria Part One

by L-Train presents Ro.C.S.M.Or.

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P.K. Lentz
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P.K. Lentz I don't know ponies, but I've known symphonic metal since Skylark was my favorite band 22 years ago. This album blew me away like few can that don't have someone named Arjen in the credits. Vocals are top notch, and guess what: the story and lyrics are *better* than most of Ayreon's. So if you're not a brony, don't be fooled by the cover and subject matter: this is the real damn deal. Just wow. Favorite track: Healin' Brew.
Lord Spiffy
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Lord Spiffy An pillar of Brony music, great metal opera lasting ~44min based on a ~22min per episode kids show with the cooperation of ~16 people (might've derped my count :P) and changing cultural styles for each Pillar of Equestria is an example why this fandom is so superb.
I had to say "shut up and take my bits" halfway through the album on Youtube.
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L-Train and the Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra (Ro.C.S.M.Or) proudly present “Pillars Of Equestria Part One”, a tale of seven courageous heroes and their mighty deeds, based on a story from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Pillars Of Equestria Part One follows the story of Stygian as he gathers together heroes from across Equestria to help save his town.


released July 1, 2019

Performed by the Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra:

L-Train - composer, producer, arranger www.youtube.com/user/TheLTrain9000
SkyBolt - lyricist, story www.youtube.com/user/SkyBoltsMusic

Featured Vocalists
4EverfreeBrony www.youtube.com/user/4everfreebrony/ - Stygian
ShadowSprite - Somnambula
SkyBolt www.youtube.com/user/SkyBoltsMusic - Rockhoof
Aramau www.youtube.com/user/lucasgirl101 - Mage Meadowbrook
Francis Vace www.youtube.com/user/FVaceslav - Flash Magnus
Aria Diamond www.youtube.com/channel/UCFWry-0x0pw3UqGS0DjkqiQ - Mistmane
DaWillstanator www.youtube.com/user/DaWillstanator - Star Swirl the Bearded

L-Train www.youtube.com/user/TheLTrain9000
BriLizyT www.youtube.com/channel/UCOhzKT5pYUr_kvrFAuyBEuQ
Mateo Rodríguez www.youtube.com/user/mateoro16
KayVox www.youtube.com/c/kayvox
Seriff Pilcrow www.deviantart.com/seriff-pilcrow

Featured Musicians
L-Train www.youtube.com/user/TheLTrain9000 - guitar, bass, piano, drum programming, orchestral arrangements
4EverfreeBrony www.youtube.com/user/4everfreebrony/ - mandolin, guitar
Koron Korak www.youtube.com/c/KoronKorak - violin
Osoch www.youtube.com/c/Osoch - guitar
TheMusicReborn www.youtube.com/user/TheMusicReborn - trumpet
Zephysonas www.youtube.com/user/Zephysonas - tenor saxophone

Viwrastupr (www.deviantart.com/viwrastupr) - Cover art
Jhayarr23 (www.deviantart.com/jhayarr23) - Vector art (fav.me/dcg93pk, fav.me/dbs9jok, fav.me/dbs1xnk, fav.me/dbs9kag)
Cheezdoodle96 (www.deviantart.com/cheezedoodle96) - Vector art (fav.me/dbtrz5p, fav.me/dbnqksj, fav.me/dbofa86)

Special thanks to Hasbro, DHX and all the folks behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A very big thankyou to SkyBolt for his many many contributions to the project, and to the rest of the cast and crew for generously offering their talents. Thanks also to everyone who didn’t audition for the choir, even those who weren’t successful, your talent and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and I wish you all the best of luck with your future musical endeavours. Finally, a very special thanks to all my friends and followers around the world, this whole project would be meaningless without you, your support and encouragement is very much appreciated. Thank you for listening to my strange epic horsemusic operas.




L-Train Adelaide, Australia

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, metalhead and epic music enthusiast.

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Track Name: The Heroes I Seek
How could you run off frightened
When they all needed you?
To leave them ‘neath the spell, abandon all you once knew
And after all that’s happened
Just you alone are free
But what more can I do, but turn my tail and flee

I’ve lived a simple life
I’m no one great or mighty
What more could I have done
Who would the hero rightly be?

Stygian + Choir:
The hero I seek (hero I seek)
Protect the humble and weak

If only I could find one
A warrior or mage,
Or even search for him, the greatest wizard of this age
But who would wish to come
To save our lowly town
When monsters hide in every shadow that is found

But how would they all hide
If light could shine for all to see?
Why find a single knight
When we could have an army be

Stygian + Choir:
The heroes I seek (heroes I seek)
To fight what evil may wreak

[Guitar Solo: L-Train]

If they’d only hear my plea
Far beyond the Sirens
Just imagine what could be

We would stand the vanguard against anything
Every battle could be won
When they’d need us we would be
United, as guardians to save everyone
History is full of evils left astray
Like a plague upon the world
Darkness we could finally seal away

We could forge something great
Protect all those who are in need
Each foe would know their fate
As righteous Pillars they could be

Stygian + Choir:
The heroes I seek (heroes I seek)
To stand when all else looks bleak (all else looks bleak)
To save the vanquished and meek (vanquished and meek)
The heroes I seek
Track Name: All From Hope
She came, demanding tribute
Our harvest hers to consume
As our hunger continued
It seemed she’d be our doom!
There was no one to stop her
This Sphinx a beast so daunting
Yet still our Prince would be stirred
To resist her taunting

The beast was displeased,
Snatched him away to her temple lair,
For him to be freed her riddle must
Be solved, if we dare!

Somnambula + Choir:
All we know... All we owe,
All that shines as the Glowpaz glows,
All from faith… All From Hope!

I knew it was my doing,
From such an innocent alm
Quickly I galloped after
I knew I must save Hisan

She asked me the phrase,
One simple riddle with all at stake
Then, I would elate
I knew the answer without mistake...

The sphinx scrunched up her wicked face to hear the answer found
She roared and said “you’ll know your place” then stomped against the ground
“But the riddles’ solved!” “You’re not absolved,” she said with leering eyes
“Your bounty still belongs to me.” Her word a hollow lie.
I could not leave the Prince in chains, and let her steal from everyone
“But what about another game? A challenge all or none.”
“But if I win you’ll go away, and leave our village be.”
The Sphinx, intrigued said: “We shall see.” Then laughed aloud in glee!

[Guitar Solos: L-Train, 4EverfreeBrony]

Blind and without wings
She had me cross that most dangerous pool
But I made the leap
I held to Hope like a precious jewel

Somnambula + Choir:
All we know... All we owe,
All that shines as the Glowpaz glows,
All from faith… All From Hope!

I was blessed… I still owe,
There’s no way I could tell you “no.”
I will come… Bring them Hope!
Track Name: With Great Strength
As but a colt, I would work in the fields
Of our peaceful seaside realm
Wishing one day I could be strong enough
To join the Mighty Helm

But I was small, not muscled or tall
‘Twas a thing I might never be
Shovel in hoof, I set out to prove
That they would have a place for me

With what strength I could find
I worked hard as I might
‘Twas a dream I would never let go
With all body and mind
Through the day and the night
I refused to relent, ‘til I made that dream so

Our village laid place at a volcano base
Never once had we seen it blow
Then on that day, we found we would face
The wrath of its fiery glow

We had no way to fight
All the lava we saw
And the Helm said we had to go
But despite all our fright
We just couldn’t withdraw
We could not leave our homes and the land that we know

The river of lava got closer and closer,
Soon to consume everything that we were.
I could do little, but had to do something!
So shovel in hoof I dug into the dirt
Digging the trench, all my efforts seemed foolish,
Weak as I was, I would run out of time.
I needed a strength that would meet my ambition
When there in a flash happened something divine

[Solos: L-Train (guitar), 4EverfreeBrony (mandolin), Koron Korak (violin)]

With what I’d been blessed, I carved out the trench
And was able to save the town
The lesson I learned, was still to endure
When it seems all is coming down

Rockhoof + choir:
With Great Strength, you can find
That no matter the fight
You can beat almost every foe
With your brethren, combined
You’ll be able to smite
Choir only: Every villain that you couldn’t face just alone

With the Helm at my side,
We protected our land
And with them, that will still be so
For these Sirens may try,
But they’re standing in sand
We’ll knock them aside, yes indeed I will go!
Track Name: Healin' Brew
Mage Meadowbrook:
Deep here in the Hayseed Swamp, we’ve lived a long ‘ol time
Doin’ our best to get along with all the critter life
Our masks & stews all simple but, it’s peaceful an’ sublime
Never had too much hardship or, even a little strife
‘Til the folks fell sick with all these horrid spots
Coughing up with bubbles, sneezing lightning snot

Mage Meadowbrook / Meadowbrook and Choir:
Cough, pop, zap and boom
The plague was spreading way too soon
Cough, pop, zap and boom
I feared it’d be our doom
If I could not mix a healin’ brew
The fever’d claim me too
With no one left to do
We’d say adieu

Mage Meadowbrook:
Every old elixir and, each potion I could find
Didn’t change that accursed plant, or poison that’s inside
When soon it claimed my mother too, in bed she slept maligned
I stared down in the bayou, to see if that’d provide
Me the answer to save everyone I loved
When some flash bees flew out, hovered just above

Mage Meadowbrook / Meadowbrook and Choir:
Cough, pop, zap and boom
The flowers opened up their plumes
Cough, pop, zap and boom
And spread their toxic fumes
But the flash bees were left unamused
And took the pollen too
And that is when I knew
What I must do

[Solos: TheMusicReborn (trumpet), Zephysonas (tenor sax), L-Train (guitar)]

Mage Meadowbrook:
After many tries and far too many stings
I did realize just what would be the thing
For my healin’ mask looked like the flash bee queen
Let me take their honey without gettin’ mean

Mage Meadowbrook / Meadowbrook and Choir:
Cough, pop, zap and boom
One by one and room to room
Cough, pop, zap and boom
The honey, once consumed
Healed them all up quick, shooed away the gloom
We drank the healin’ brew
And all escaped the tomb!
But now for you...

Not much I can do
Unless you need a potion brewed
But I’ve done my due
To see our problems through
If you really think you need me too
I’ll pack some different brews
And help you to undo
The Sirens’ gloom
Track Name: Brave Enough
Flash Magnus:
Being just a Legion grunt, I traveled wherever they needed me
And although the pegasi do rule the skies, the job ain’t that easy
But it’s not the griffons or the hippogriffs that give us much to fear
When one of those giant stinking dragons gets a little bit too near

Choir: Yeah forever we will fly
Flash Magnus: Every tempest you may see
Choir: Flying free in every sky
Flash Magnus: None shall stay thee
Choir: They are ours to take and form
Flash Magnus: Knowing you are called to be
Choir: For the Legion is the storm!

Flash Magnus + Choir:
Brave enough!
No matter what the problem
Forged so tough!
If it tries to kill you
Show your stuff!
‘Cause it’s them who won’t be
Brave enough!

Flash Magnus:
Then on such a mission we did have to get across the dragon lands
When we saw two of them large enough to wrap us in a single hand
Many of our comrades were ensnared and taken back into their cave
I could not just leave them like that, there must be a way that we can save!

Choir: Yeah together we will fly
Flash Magnus: Like feathers in a wing
Choir: It takes all to soar so sigh
Flash Magnus: We’d be nothing
Choir: Lest we fall back down to earth
Flash Magnus: And as one be ascending
Choir: Every one of us has worth

Flash Magnus + Choir:
Brave enough!
Out from the cave I led them
Forged so tough!
As they tried to roast me
Show your stuff!
With the shield I could be
Brave enough!

[Guitar Solos: L-Train, Osoch]

Choir: And as heroes we will fly
Flash Magnus: As the storm was gathering
Choir: Through the darkest of the skies
Flash Magnus: Full of lightning
Choir: When the thunder swallows you
Flash Magnus: You will not be cowering
Choir: All as one we’ll see it through

Flash Magnus + Choir:
Brave enough!
Somehow we really made it
Forged so tough!
Like the shield we all could
Show your stuff!
Play the role we all should
Brave enough!

Flash Magnus:
You’ve got guts
To pull this all together
You know what?
Yes I’m gonna join you
They’d be nuts
If they think they could beat
All of us!
Track Name: True Beauty Inside
All my life I saw the goodness in the world
In the great and little things…
I had strived to bring more everywhere I could
Like a flower in the spring

Yet I was so unconscious of
Where ugliness could cling
Where such a pain might have festered
Where I was needed to bring

True beauty inside
Not seeking glory, trying to justify
I had let decay so long

After years, I found my village left in ruin
How I felt like such a fool…
That I’d let her steal all beauty that she could
To create an empty jewel

And what I found there upon the throne
In her abhorrent rule
Was an old friend I cared about
And I had let her turn so cruel

All beauty outside
Filling the palace, all an attempt to hide
A curse born from an envious pride
How our village cried
I should have seen the cause of this great divide
Now, I had to face her

Mistmane + Choir:
For beauty isn’t ours alone
A thing to steal or hoard or own
It is a light for all to see
A well of life to let flow free

[Guitar Solo: L-Train]

And in the end, when I held her there
I knew I had to prove
Give up my beauty for everyone
And even her too

True beauty inside
Shines on its own, all vanity aside
Frees those who let ugliness hide
All I could provide, all I can do
To help out your village too
I’ll do it to help you
Track Name: Forged As One
[Trumpet Solo: TheMusicReborn]

So now you’ve heard each story we could tell
And what has brought me to you as well
My village left bewitched beneath their song
With every passing day, it prolongs
Everyone I know and love, cursed to be their slaves
We could bring the Sirens down, we could save!

Star Swirl:
I sympathise (with) what you’ve endured
But you know not what you’re saying, and know not its allure
All of my students come to learn
That all Sorcery is power, which demands that you discern

You collect them like torches to burn a fire bright
But think not what to do when you too ignite

Star Swirl + choir:
When forged by life, what we can create
Is all but a candle compared to the fates
But you wish to take their power for your own
When forged divine, a magic runs deep
An ocean whose edges that we’ll never see
You know not the costs such sorcery could rise from the unknown

[Guitar Solo: L-Train]

Respectfully, you must believe me
That these gifts that they were granted, are branches of a tree
I think of them more like the sun
Not a group of little torches, but a light for everyone

Or as beams in a rainbow of every colored light
Who could end every storm and be glowing bright

Stygian + choir:
They’re forged as one, whatever you say
All elements of something come from the fates
You can see it for yourself or turn away
For all you’ve done, the spells you have penned
The things that will shape ponykind to its end
Yet you disavow this chance we have ‘cause of what we might pay?

Flash: I know I should have died that day, by dragon fire or lightning, yet
Rockhoof: We found that we could do much more when greater
Flash + Rockhoof: Challenges are set

Mage Meadowbrook: I thought I’d failed my home and kin, but from the state that things were in
Mistmane: We turned the darkness back and
Meadowbrook + Mistmane: Found the answer hiding deep within

Stygian: While fear once almost held me back, I couldn’t sit around and mope
Somnambula: I had to take the leap and
All except Star Swirl: Put my trust in hope!

Star Swirl:
Alright, I’ve heard you make your case
It is clear to me these wonders, must have a higher place
And since you’ll do it either way…
With a sorcerer to guide you, you might not go astray

There indeed is much darkness that we could cast away
To a place they’d be left to decay

Stygian + Pillars + choir:
So forged as one, with firmament laid
We’ll rise up as Pillars protecting the gates
For all who may need us on that day
And forged as one, we’ll keep building high
These gifts for all creatures to come for all time
And bring Harmony to all who have been left in dismay!

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