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Six characters, six songs, six different styles, six different groups of collaborators. With Friends / About Friends is a project from The L-Train exploring the creativity and diversity within the brony musician community. Each track features a different main character, a different style of music and a different set of collaborators.

This time it's a ska punk inspired take on everyone's favourite party pony, featuring the fandom's premiere ska pony Francis Vace on vocals and TheMusicReborn on trumpet!


Polite company
Quiet voices as they mill
The band accompanies
A dancefloor standing still
A room of muted colours
And the dress code's duller
Can you think of anywhere you'd less rather be?

But on the horizon
The enemy of boredom
Here she comes!

A bright shock of pink
Haloed by the sun
You know in your heart
That your boring days are done
She stands there with a grin
A technicolour cannon
She reaches down and lights the fuse!

Boredom can never survive
The Party Cannon Overdrive!

Streamers and balloons and they all glow
She yells at the band "Up the tempo!"
Everyone is finally having fun
Sundaes, sunbeams and sarsaparilla,
So much more you can’t get your filla,
The party has finally begun!

The enemies of fun beware
The crazy mare with the pink hair
The enemies of fun beware
That crazy pink haired mare


released November 21, 2016
Francis Vace (www.youtube.com/c/francisvace) - Vocals
TheMusicReborn (www.youtube.com/c/TheMusicReborn) - Trumpet
The L-Train - Guitars, Bass, Production

Music by The L-Train, Lyrics by Francis Vace

Cover art by Ali Woodruff (aliwoodruff.com)




The L-Train Adelaide, Australia

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, metalhead and epic music enthusiast.

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