Twi's Light

by The L-Train ft. FenPony

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Six characters, six songs, six different styles, six different groups of collaborators. With Friends / About Friends is a project from The L-Train exploring the creativity and diversity within the brony musician community. Each track features a different main character, a different style of music and a different set of collaborators.

Here's a slice of epic symphonic metal rap madness featuring FenPony, laying down some rhymes about the magical purple pony princess / nerdy megadork we all know and love.


Stand in the shadow, light in the dark
Battle plan: fight with the spark when all the magic inside my body can't stop
This war of Tartarus and goddesses' clashes
Sacrificing myself and then watch my home turn to ashes
But now I'm an alicorn, battle torn, prophetically born
Talented with more than magic, immortal perhaps
I'm worn down, but it's warm
Cause I got my trust in those bonds that I've formed
With all my companions, we take friendship to the land
And I understand it now, without you I had doubt
But you've taught me, so now I can take solace in this town I've found
You're all a part of me, no matter what happens, we're together in harmony
Elements or not, Twilight's Kingdom's gonna be our prodigy

The land of light, harmony

And we will light up the sky

Never back down, ever that foal with a big dream and a social cast-away
Voracious, bent on the arcane, never placing the page down
And I was raised as the Princess of the Day's protege
Don't fall to the Hate, even on the blackest day
Cause of our tears, laughter, and blood, sweat, and love
We can bring her back to stay
That spark to the nightmare
Six stars on the mark, and I'm not flawless, but I promise I'm right there
When the sky's ominous, dark, and it might flare
Armed with an indomitable love, reaching into the formidable Starlight
Speak to the grief-stricken little foal in her heart, you can put it all right
Let me tell you a story, I
I faced the monsters, two-horned great colossus
Lost my friends to Discord, fakes, impostors
Warfare in a world barren and heartless
Slaves to Sombra, when our great force breaks, exhausted
But a new day dawns, and night sparkles
And you wake up, open your eyes in a town
Willing to give another try, as long as you're
Ready to learn anything about it, I'm telling you, I'm humbled
I struggle to live up the responsibility of being the Princess of Friendship
But take my hoof, and I'll be your guide

Magic, and madness, the memories of
All that I've learned here when I came down from the mountain
Of Canterlot, found a brand new

Family, they gathered, to mentor me
And now I can say I'm proud that I'm taught many the knowledge
And I watch them walk tall, the band who

Battles, in daylight, in darkness
Fight for your life, fight for your love, shine together
And find light in the enemy's den

It's magic, and kindness, and laughter
Now I say to all of my faithful friends

Carry this light when I'm gone
That warm glow

And harmony will live on


released February 4, 2017
FenPony ( - Lead vocals
The L-Train - Guitars, Bass, Choir Vocals, Production

Music by The L-Train, Lyrics by FenPony

Cover art by The L-Train




The L-Train Adelaide, Australia

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, metalhead and epic music enthusiast.

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